Mandi & Barbie.png

Mandi, Owner

Mandi is the founder of Barbie & Company and has over 20 years of experience with pets. She got into pet sitting & dog walking in 2016 when her full time job turned to part time and she needed some extra money. Little did she know, she would find her ultimate passion and something she loved to do every day! Mandi has a special way with animals, and feels like dogs and cats are just drawn to her! In addition to Barbie, she has 4 rescue cats that she loves dearly! 

Who is Barbie?

Barbie is Mandi's dog (a beautiful lab/greyhound mix & rescue) and the inspiration behind Barbie & Company! Barbie & Mandi have been together for 13 amazing years and are truly inseparable!

Carrie, Pet Sitter

Over the last 40 years, Carrie has had her share of many dogs & cats. She is responsible and will be very loving towards your pet! She is a professional photographer, so your photo updates will be top notch. She also worked at an emergency vet hospital for 4 years, so she is experienced with observing signs of a distressed or hurt animal. This is a direct quote from Carrie: "Since my husband won't let me have any more pets, I need to share my love of animals some other way."